Recruiting and retaining top-quality principals is a tough job. New and even experienced principals need support. With high-stakes accountability and increasing demands on school leaders, principal mentors provide a crucial support system. Since 2003 NAESP has worked with close to 2,000 mentors across the country as well as globally, to engage highly-skilled and highly-trained mentors in leveraging their experience and expertise to develop new leaders. The NAESP Mentors recognize a gap between preparation and practice and has identified key issues that can be critical tipping points, such as managing time, creating a vision, maximizing interactions and teams, and combatting isolation. Being a new administrator brings challenges that are complex, multifaceted, and sometimes unexpected. Being in a mentoring relationship is a win-win for the protégé and the mentor as issues are explored.


The NAESP National Mentor Training and Certification Program is designed to engage retired and experienced principals to give back to their profession by supporting new, aspiring, and experienced principals through mentoring.


The National Mentor Training and Certification Program has two components:


   1. Leadership Immersion Institute Mentor Training


This 2 1/2 day event teaches principals and other administrators how to integrate best practices in mentoring and adult learning with participants’ experiences. Participants receive 15 continuing education or professional development units (CEUs/PDUs) for completing the Leadership Immersion Institute. 

The VPA is pleased to be co-sponsoring a NAESP Mentor Training in Vermont, August 12-14, 2015,  Berlin, VT (12th) and Montpelier, VT (13th& 14th). Program registration is done through NAESP. Note: Housing reservations must be made by the registrant.


   2. National Principal Mentor Certification Internship


Principals who choose the optional certification will follow the Leadership Immersion institute with a nine-month Mentor-in-Training internship. Interns, under the caring and watchful eye of a trained coach, choose a protégé, engage in effective listening and questioning strategies, and provide guidance and support to new principals. Interns interact with coaches and other trainees through electronic bulletin boards, chats, and threaded discussions, as well as periodic portfolio submissions. Principals who complete both the institute and the internship are awarded national certification as a mentor. Continuing professional development opportunities to renew this three year certification expands skills, networking, and collaborative learning to ensure that mentors are grounded in current research and leadership practices.

Last Modified on May 28, 2015