People buy health insurance and life insurance, so why don't they buy "career insurance?"

Besides professional development, VPA also offers schools leaders legal support--- or "career insurance" if you will. If deemed needed by the Executive Director, we offer up to $500 of legal assistance plus if you are an NAESP or NASSP member, you are entitled to up to $1,000 a year (up to $10,000) of legal assistance for each year of continuous membership. Naturally, every circumstance is different, but, in general, that is the coverage.

So, do the becoming a member of VPA + either NAESP or NASSP, you are paying less than $600 per year and receiving very needed "career insurance" as well as all the other services that VPA has to offer.

NASSP/NAESP Legal Needs            NAESP/NASSP Procedures


From time to time, principals may find themselves in need of legal services. Please follow these rules:

FIRST: ON-CALL SUPPORT-Call Ken Page at VPA, 1-802-229-0547. If you need to reach Ken immediately, tell Wendy or Delina that you must reach Ken right away. Ken has over 36 years in education and 21 as a school principal. He'll help you make an assessment of the situation. Evening calls are also fine, 1-802-229-2002.

SECOND: ATTORNEY AVAILABLE-If you need to talk to an attorney, Ken will arrange for you to talk with VPA Attorney Michael Marks. However, keep in mind, that Ken will help you figure out when is the best time to talk with Attorney Marks. As a member, you have a limited amount of money assistance available.

THIRD: NATIONAL SUPPORT-As either an NESSP or NASSP member, you also may be entitled to legal assistance from your national organization. Ask Ken about the details of this.

FOURTH: REMEMBER-Try to stay composed. Vermont Principals' Association will be there for you!

Last Modified on January 7, 2014