The following people were inducted because of their tremendous contributions to the Vermont Principals' Association, our schools and specifically the students of Vermont. Each were selected in a specific area however several inductees were active in more than one area. We are very thankful and proud of their commitment and leadership. Below-inductees alphabetically listed.

Legend: ADM (Administrator), ATH (Athlete), C/A (Coach/Advisor), CON (Contributor), MED (Media), OFF (Official).
YEAR Title First Name Last Name CATEGORY
2006 Mr. Robert "Abe" Abrahamson OFF
2003 Mr. Tony  Adams MED
2003 Mr. Rome  Aja C/A
2011 Mr. Stanley Amadon OFF
2005 Mr. Robert J. Ashton ADM
2007 Mr. Michael Baker C/A
2010 Mrs. Jayne Barber C/A
2006 Mr. James Bashaw C/A
2004 Mr. Frank Bioty CON
2011 Mr. Spaulding "Bis"  Bisbee C/A
2005 Mr. Charles "Frank" Bizzaro C/A
2004 Mr. W. Scott Blanchard ADM
2007 Mrs. Gailen Bonner Jette C/A
2012 Mr. Mal Boright MED
2012 Mrs. Rebecca Bouchard ATH
2004 Mr. William Bowers C/A
2007 Mr. Robert C. Brault OFF
2007 Mr. Richard Breen ADM
2010 Mr. Erlon Broomhall C/A
2008 Ms. Shirley Bruso C/A
2005 Ms. Sheila Burleigh C/A
2009 Mr.  Jim Burlingame C/A
2006 Mr. Barbara Burns-Maynard C/A
2006 Mr. William F. Callahan C/A
2011 Mr. David Capman C/A
2006 Mrs. Maureen Capman C/A
2006 Mr. James Cardell ADM
2007 Mr. James Carter C/A
2004 Mr. Lou Cassani CON
2003 Mr. Bernard Cieplicki Sr. C/A
2011 Mr.  Charles Clarino MED
2003 Mrs. Marie Clough CON
2003 Ms. Barbara Ann Cochran ATH
2011 Mr. J. Peter Coffey C/A
2009 Mr. Dario "Doc" Comi C/A
2010 Mr. George Commo C/A
2013 Mr. Tom Conte ADM
2008 Ms. Merlyn Courser ADM
2010 Mr. Bernard Couture ADM
2008 Mr. John Cunavelis MED
2005 Mr. William Currier C/A
2010 Mr. Henry Dalrymple ATH
2003 Mr. Charles Davis ADM
2007 Mr. Robert Dikeman OFF
2004 Mr. Daniel DiLena ADM
2009 Mr. Mike  Donoghue MED
2014 Mr.  Stephen Dowd C/A
2003 Mr. Len Drew C/A
2013 Mr.  Oliver Dunlap ATH
2010 Mr. William Duval OFF
2004 Mr. Bart Farley ATH
2013 Mr.  Steve Ferreira C/A
2008 Mr. Joseph A. Fiarkoski C/A
2005 Mr. Donald Fillion MED
2009 Mr. Joseph Fischer CON
2012 Mr. Dwight Fiske C/A
2005 Mr. William Flory OFF
2012 Mrs. Yvonne Frates C/A
2004 Mr. David Fredrickson C/A
2008 Mr. Raymond G. Frey C/A
2006 Ms. Valerie J. Gardner ADM
2003 Mrs. Mona Garone C/A
2011 Mr. Gerald  Gingras OFF
2007 Mr. Gary Girard ADM
2014 Mr. Michael Gonneville C/A
2011 Mrs.  Marilyn  Gray C/A
2008 Mr. Fred Green C/A
2014 Mr. Robert Gregory C/A
2013 Mr. Rory Grimes ATH
2013 Mr. V. Roland Guyette CON
2006 Mr. William Haines CON
2006 Mr. Tom Haley MED
2011 Mr. Milton "Buck"  Hard C/A
2008 Mr. Jack Healey MED
2003 Mr. Robert Heath C/A
2008 Mr. Layne Higgs C/A
2005 Mr. Frank  Hinchey ADM
2003 Mr. Jim Hoag CON
2010 Mr. Edward Hockenbury ATH
2003 Mr. Dean  Houghton ADM
2013 Mr. Steve Houghton ADM
2007 Mr. Daniel Hudson ADM
2013 Mrs. Jasmyn Huntington Monroe ATH
2004 Mrs. Jade Huntington Strohm ATH
2005 Mr. Robert Ianni C/A
2009 Mr. Terence Irwin C/A
2005 Mr. Richard Jarvis C/A
2013 Mr. Orrie Jay C/A
2012 Mrs. Randy Jennings-Swormstedt ATH
2008 Mr.  Michael Johnson ATH
2014 Mr. Matthew Johnson ATH
2009 Mr. Ralph Kehoe ATH
2014 Mr. David Kinsman C/A
2003 Mr. Bill  Koch ATH
2007 Mrs. Frances C. LaPlaca C/A
2007 Mr. Thomas E. LaPlaca C/A
2008 Mr. Walt Latrell OFF
2004 Mr. John LeClair ATH
2006 Mr. Scott R. Legacy C/A
2009 Mr. Jackson Leggett ATH
2007 Mr. Raymond Lemire MED
2004 Mrs. Nicole Levesque Andres ATH
2014 Mr. Steven Lewis ATH
2003 Mr. Harry  Loyzelle OFF
2007 Mr. Wilbur "Mac" MacAllister CON
2006 Mr. Richard A. MacKenzie OFF
2007 Mr. Donald W. Maley, Sr. C/A
2005 Mr. Roderick Marcotte CON
2012 Mr. Dan Marlow ADM
2007 Mr. A. J. Marro MED
2003 Mrs. Melba  Masse ADM
2014 Mr. James McLaughlin, Jr. C/A
2004 Mr. Chuck Memoe MED
2013 Mr. Dennis Miles OFF
2012 Mr. Wade Mitchell C/A
2003 Mr. Dave Morse MED
2012 Mr. Andrew Natowich C/A
2008 Ms. Jen Niebling ATH
2012 Mr. R. Spencer Noble OFF
2011 Mrs. Robin Noble C/A
2010 Mr. Robert Noonan C/A
2011 Mr. Michael  O'Day ADM
2011 Mr. Tony Orciari ATH
2009 Ms. Bev Osterberg C/A
2004 Mr. Burns Page ADM
2006 Mr. Charles Pearce C/A
2006 Mrs.  Sue Pearce C/A
2009 Mr. Mike Pearo C/A
2011 Mr. Paul Pecor ATH
2012 Mr. Frank Pecora C/A
2007 Mr. Raymond Pellegrini ADM
2004 Mr. Charles Phillips ADM
2009 Mr. Donald Picard OFF
2014 Mr.  Russell Pickering C/A
2003 Mr. Robert Pierce ADM
2009 Mr. Fran Pinard C/A
2013 Mr. Alan Plante C/A
2003 Mr. Joseph "Ping" Puente OFF
2014 Ms. Danielle Rayner ATH
2014 Ms. Jevonne Rayner ATH
2008 Mrs. Judy Reed ADM
2014 Mr. Scctt Reed ATH
2004 Ms. Jean Robinson C/A
2012 Mr. Bob Rowe C/A
2009 Dr. Dascomb Rowe ADM
2006 Mr. Leon Royce C/A
2008 Mr. George W. Ryan MED
2006 Mr. Ted Ryan C/A
2008 Mr. Milton Sanderson OFF
2009 Mr. Darrell "Squirrel" Sawyer OFF
2014 Mr. Stewart Schmidt OFF
2009 Dr. Kimberly Silloway ATH
2014 Mr. Robert Slayton C/A
2007 Ms. Elizabeth "Libby"  Smith ATH
2004 Mr. Charles Spencer MED
2011 Mr. Frank P. Spencer ADM
2005 Mr. Ken Squier MED
2003 Ms. Judi St. Hilaire ATH
2010 Mr. Paul Stanfield CON
2012 Mr. Norman Stevens ADM
2004 Mr. Richard Stewart ADM
2010 Ms. Jane Stickney ADM
2013 Mrs. Erin Sullivan Lane ATH
2011 Mrs. Heather Taft Garrow ATH
2006 Mr. Arthur Thompson OFF
2012 Mr. Dan Thurston C/A
2004 Mr. Greg Titus MED
2014 Mr. Bruce Viens C/A
2013 Mr. Birger Vigsnes C/A
2005 Mr. Erik Vigsnes ATH
2010 Mr. Daniel Violette ADM
2004 Mr. Hubie Wagner C/A
2005 Mr. Donald Walker CON
2009 Mr. D. G. Weaver ADM
2003 Mrs. Elsie Weiser OFF
2005 Mr. Harold Weiser ADM
2004 Mr. John Werner C/A
2006 Mr. Bruce Wheeler C/A
2010 Mr. Robert White C/A
2003 Mr. Lenny Whitehouse ATH


Administrator ADM

Athlete ATH

Coach/Advisor C/A

Contributor CON

Media MED

Official OFF


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