Please be aware that there are two types of VPA membership:

    1. School Dues - required of schools to participate in post-season interscholastic play. 

    2. Professional/Individual Membership - information below

    VPA professional membership is available to school leaders in Vermont and elsewhere. Principals and other Heads of School, Assistant and Associate Principals, Athletic Directors, aspiring principals, retired school leaders and others interested in being part of this influential professional community are invited to join.

    We believe that EVERY education leader in Vermont will benefit from membership in their state professional organization. We are so eager for this scenario that we are offering FREE membership to NEW leaders through July 2018. If you are new to the position of Principal, Assistant or Associate Principal, or Athletic Director in Vermont, have never been a member of the VPA and are interested in this opportunity, please email Linda Wheatley with your interest.

    Your annual professional dues serve you in many ways:

    ·      Advocacy and updates during the legislative session

    ·      Regular, informative ‘e-blast' from the VPA Executive Director

    ·      Weekly delivery of the Marshall Memo, as part of the ‘e-blast’ (a $50/year value)

    ·      24/7 Access to the Executive Director by phone for guidance and support

    ·      Access to the VPA Salary Survey

    ·      A copy of the Vermont Education Directory

    ·      Up to $1000 worth of services from our VPA attorney (sorry, not available to aspiring Principals)

    ·      Early notification of professional development opportunities and Regional Principals Meetings

    ·      Access to Ed Leadership Sims, an experiential team problem-solving technology (UPenn)

    ·      Opportunities for mentor training and support

    ·      Eligibility for participation on VPA committees

    ·      Eligibility for Administrator of the Year Awards

    ·      Free entry for you and a guest to each/all VPA-sponsored sporting events

    ·      Membership in your national professional organization (NAESP and/or NASSP) for an additional fee (see below)*

    ·      Access to the EdLeadersNetwork for an additional fee (see below)**

    VPA Membership Annual Dues (2017-18)

    $380   Active Principals, Co-Principals, Heads of School, Tech Center Directors, Assistant and Associate Principals

    $245   Athletic Directors

    $60     Aspiring Principals and Principals in Transition

    $55     Retired Principals                                                                           

    VPA Membership Application Form

    * The form includes opportunities to join:

    National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) (benefits)

    $235   Principals, Assistant/Associate Principals, Heads of Schools, Tech Center Directors

    $60     Retired Principals

    National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP)

    $250    Active Principals, Co-Principals, Heads of School, Tech Center Directors, Assistant and Associate Principals

     $50      Retired Principals

    ** The Ed Leaders Network (ELN)

    $99      Ed LeadersNetwork Fee

    ELN offers helpful on-line programs and webinars on:

    -      Administrative Management

    -      Apps/iPad

    -      Classroom Management

    -      Climate and Culture

    -      Common Core

    -      Curriculum Development

    -      Data & Assessment

    -      Early Childhood

    -      Leadership

    -      Emergency Preparedness

    -      Legal Issues

    -      Special Populations

    -      Technology

    -      State Mandated Training 


Last Modified on October 11, 2017