• The Vermont Principals’ Association Summer Leadership Academy registration is open!

    This year the VPA is doing something a little different.

    We will be using Caboodle Events to HOST the 2018 Leadership Academy!

    What does this mean for you?

    It means that you will be using Caboodle Events to REGISTER for the Academy!

    Since it’s a new system, registering will not look and be the same as it has in the past. Below is a step-by-step process for registering for the 2018 Leadership Academy. But first, here are a few of the reasons we have decided to use Caboodle Events:

    • VPA will be able to host any all VPA events on our personalized Caboodle site
    • VPA will be able to easily notify all attendees of ongoing, and even last minute, updates or changes
    • Caboodle Events offers a comprehensive Schedule tool in which attendees can:
      • View the full conference schedule
      • Create their own customized schedule
      • Interact with speakers and other attendees of your sessions
    • Caboodle offers users a Social Media feel with customizable profiles and connections
    • Caboodle overlays the conference center map, which allows the VPA to assign each session to the room/location it will be held in (your own handheld map!)
    • VPA will be able to distribute files to all attendees through Caboodle
    • VPA will be able to use Caboodle to conduct event evaluation surveys
    • Caboodle will automatically create invoices and send them as soon as you finish your registration
    • Caboodle will create and send your Certificate of Attendance as soon as the event is complete
    • Caboodle will keep a record of all events you register for and attend, with no time limit (including keeping a record of all your continuing education)


    1. In your preferred internet browser, go to vpa.caboodle.events
    2. Sign up for a Caboodle account (this will create your username and password for ALL VPA events going forward)
    3. Choose the 2018 Leadership Academy event page (located on the left)
    4. Click the green REGISTER button
    5. Go to the Products page
    6. Read about each option by clicking on the name of each product
    7. Choose your registration option(s) by clicking on the ‘+’ mark next to the appropriate product(s). Selected item(s) will then be in your cart.
    8. Go to your Cart (can be accessed from your name, upper right)
      1. If you are registering more than one person, you will be able to add additional registrations here (‘create new user’)
      2. You will be prompted to complete an educational strand survey - choose ONE strand OR N/A
      3. You have the option to add other products to your cart from this page, too. (‘add registration items’)
    9. Click on the Checkout button
    10. You will be asked to complete a survey about which education strand you prefer for Wednesday. There is an “N/A” option for those who are not attending Wednesday.
    11. If you are a Superintendent, attending the Academy with a team of three others or more, use “SUPER” as your ‘coupon’ code.
    12. At the bottom of the page, click on the Request Invoice button. The credit card option is disabled for this year. You will see a pop-up about a delay with your purchase. No worries. Click “ok” and you should be brought back to the main Academy Event page.
    13. You can now add sessions to your schedule, see other users and make connections, upload files from your strand’s speaker, etc - now and/or later.


    1. You will receive an email immediately, with an invoice. We encourage you to process the invoice asap so that we can confirm your products.
    2. You will also be taken directly to the schedule page. Here, you can populate your own schedule.

    We understand that it’s a big change, so please contact Mallori (mlapointe@vpaonline.org) or Linda (lwheatley@vpaonline.org) if you are having any issues with registering! We want to make the switch as easy as possible!