• Hello VPA supporter and partner!

    The Vermont Principals’ Association has announced registration for its 2018 Leadership Academy, “Equity, Change and School Leadership.” The two-and-a-half-day event will be held on July 31st, August 1st & 2nd at the Killington Grand Resort.

    The VPA Leadership Academy typically attracts between 220 and 250 education leaders, the majority Vermont Principals. We think you will want to be there.

    The VPA is experimenting with an events software this year called Caboodle Events. Exhibitors can actually sign up and register there, too. Here is the VPA site: https://vpa.caboodle.events - and I’ve included the directions below.

    If you find yourself unable to figure out the process, or just prefer the old one, let me know, and I’ll collect your information the old fashion way. Not a problem because WE WANT YOU THERE.

    In response to feedback from last year’s exhibitors, we have made a few promising changes to our Exhibit Hall:

    • NEW! Exhibitors choose one (or both) day(s), Tuesday (7/31) (and)/or Wednesday (8/1), when you register. When either day fills (with 20 exhibitors), that option will be removed.
    • We will use ONLY the prime traffic areas: Lower Lobby and the Promenade. Fewer exhibitors each day; more exhibitors overall; better space for everyone,
    • NEW! The break for lunch is 12 to 1:30, with food available at 12:00, allowing time to wander and mingle,
    • NEW! If you'd like to schedule a short presentation between 12:45 and 1:30, let me know. We'll find you a spot and you can announce it at lunch,
    • NEW! There will be a ‘Sponsors’ Lunch’ this year, on both Tuesday and Wednesday. You will have about a minute at the microphone to talk about your company or organization, your product or service, any raffle prize(s) you have to offer, driving Principals to your table in the afternoon,
    • Raffles will be held at your table; drawings can be made in the evening; the list of winners will be publicly posted the following morning,
    • Your registration includes coffee and lunch, for one day, for up to two people,
    • Exhibitor and Sponsor descriptions and contact info will be included in the program and posted on our web site (if you register by July 1st!).

    Please call me (Linda) with questions (802) 535-8383. We hope to see you in August at Killington!

    Here are the directions for registering as an exhibitor for the 2018 VPA Leadership Academy. Register by July 1st in order to be IN the program. Register ASAP to be ensured your preferred day.


    1. In your preferred internet browser, go to caboodle.events
    2. Sign up for a Caboodle account (this will create your username and password for ALL VPA events going forward)
    3. Choose the 2018 Leadership Academy event page (located on the left)
    4. Click the green REGISTER button
    5. Go to the Products page
    6. Read about each option by clicking on the name of each product
    7. Choose either (or both) Tuesday Exhibitor Registration or Wednesday Exhibitor Registration. Selected item(s) will then be in your cart. If you would like to exhibit both days, you may purchase both. Please know that there are limited slots for this option.
    8. Go to your Cart (can be accessed from your name, upper right)
      1. You will be prompted to complete an educational strand survey - choose ONE strand OR N/A
      2. You have the option to add other registration items – like an additional representative.
    9. Click on the Checkout button
    10. You will be asked to complete a survey about which education strand you prefer for Wednesday. Select “N/A”
    11. At the bottom of the page, click on the Request Invoice button. You will receive an email immediately, with an invoice. The on-line credit card option is disabled for this year, but you can still use a credit card by calling Delina Benway at the VPA 802-229-0547.
    12. You will see a pop-up about a delay with your purchase. No worries. Click “ok” and you should be brought back to the main Academy Event page.

    … AND YOU’RE REGISTERED! Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you this summer!

    Don’t forget to contact Mallori (mlapointe@vpaonline.org) or Linda (lwheatley@vpaonline.org) if you have questions or are having any issues with registering!