VPA Service Learning and Leadership Grant Program

     Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015-16 VSLLP Grant Awards:
    Barre City Elementary & Middle School

     May Day: Connecting School and Community Through Service
    Barre Town Elementary & Middle School

    School Carnival and Peer Mentoring
    Burke Town School

    Keeping Active in the Kingdom
    Colchester Middle School

    Partnering to Promote Literacy
    Edmunds Middle School

    Building Community Through Story, Service & Shared Learning
    Glover Community School

    Glover School Lifetime Fitness Program
    Harwood Union High School

    Speak Out for Understanding
    Monkton Central School

    School Garden Revitalization
    Northfield Middle & High School

    The Transferable Skills Challenge
    People's Academy Middle School

    Cultural Diversity Project
    South Burlington High School

    Career Development Center Year-End Celebration
    St Albans City Elementary

    Birds of a Feather Flock Together OR Raiders' Roost


    Click here to see a list of schools and projects from prior years.

    The Vermont Principals’ Association is pleased to partner with the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation and the Bay & Paul Foundation to offer the VPA Service Learning and Leadership Grant Program (VSLLP) to member schools.

    School projects are required to demonstrate student and community involvement in the planning and implementation of each project.  Project goals should be tied to improvements in academic involvement and school climate through service learning activities. The maximum amount of each award is $2,000 and schools must demonstrate a fund match of actual dollars or in-kind services from their school and/or community.


    Keep in mind, as we do when assessing applications, that critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills are absolutely necessary in order for students to compete as citizens in the 21stCentury. “The new mandate for schools is simple: Be relevant to students while giving them the latest skills to compete globally." (U.S. Students Need 21st Century Skills to Compete in a Global Community)

    The projects and activities developed by schools through the VSLLP should provide students with the opportunity and the means to develop these life skills.

    The VPA Service Learning and Leadership Grant Program has provided over $75,000 in assistance to elementary, middle and high schools implementing projects that build community and student leadership through service learning.


    Information about the next round of applications will be posted at the beginning of the 2016 - 17 school year. Contact Bob Hingston at the VPA with any questions.

    Reimbursement Instructions (no form necessary) and Grant Sample Invoice


Last Modified on January 5, 2016