• People buy health insurance and life insurance, so why don't they buy "career insurance?"

    VPA’s membership benefits include legal support*--- or "career insurance" if you will. If deemed needed by the Executive Director, we offer up to $500 of legal assistance plus if you are an NAESP or NASSP member, you are entitled to up to $1,000 a year (up to $10,000) of legal assistance for each year of continuous membership. Naturally, every circumstance is different, but, in general, that is the coverage.

    So, do the math...by becoming a member of VPA (and either NAESP or NASSP) you are paying less than $600 per year and receiving very useful "career insurance," as well as all the other services that VPA has to offer.

    * legal services are not available to aspiring Principal members

    NAESP/NASSP Legal Needs            NAESP/NASSP Procedures


    From time to time, principals may find themselves in need of legal services. Please follow these rules:

    1.     ON-CALL SUPPORT - Call Ken Page at the VPA, 802-229-0547. If it’s an emergency, please tell Mallori or Delina when you call. Ken has over 36 years in education and twenty-one as a school principal. He'll help you assess the situation and help you come up with next steps. Ken will accept emergency calls in the evening, 802-595-1844.

    2.     ATTORNEY AVAILABLE - If you need to talk to an attorney, Ken will make arrangements with VPA Attorney Michael Marks. Ken will help you determine the best time to talk with Attorney Marks. As a member, you have a limited amount of money assistance available.

    3.     NATIONAL SUPPORT - As a member of your national professional association, you also may be entitled to legal assistance through NAESP or NASSP. Ask Ken for details.

    4.     REMEMBER - Try to stay composed. Vermont Principals' Association is here for you!

Last Modified on January 25, 2017