• Mission:

    The Vermont Principals’ Association supports school leaders to improve the equity and quality of educational opportunities for all students

    Core Values:

    To support learners and leaders, the Vermont Principals’ Association believes in...
    1. Advocacy    (completed by EC - 8/5/16)
      1. School leaders have a unique perspective and must influence and drive educational policy at the state and national levels.

      2. School leaders must collaborate with local and state partners to ensure positive outcomes for students.

    1. Co-curricular Activities    (completed by ASC- 8/5/16)

      1. Co-curricular activities have a significant value and are recognized as an integral part of our schools and communities


               3.   Professional Learning & Support    (completed by PL&S - 8/16)

    1. Excellent principals are powerful catalysts for effective teaching and learning (Manna).

    2. School leaders have unique professional development needs that are best understood and provided by other principals.

    3. School leaders excel with a strong networking system that includes other principals, school leaders and educational stakeholders.

    4. Support and mentoring need to be provided through safe learning and professional opportunities.


               4.  Promotion    (Completed by EC - 8/5/16)

    1. Efficient and relevant communication are vital for effective leadership.

    2. Inspire, recruit, develop and support new leaders.

    3. Advance the principalship as a profession.
    Updated on August 6, 2016 following meetings of the VPA Executive Council and its two standing committees, The Activity Standards Committee and The Professional Learning and Support Committee.
Last Modified on May 8, 2018