A fall sport, Soccer participants in grades 9 – 12 compete statewide.

Boys and Girls: 4 divisions

Soccer Division Alignment

From May 2015 soccer and field hockey committee meetings, both soccer and field hockey approved a new preseason training system (football has also done one). In soccer and field hockey the system is; 1) teams may use double practices starting the first day of practice, however the practices cannot total more than 3 ½ hours (max. 2 hours for one practice and 1 ½ hours for the other practice),  2) there is to be a minimum of a 3 hour rest period between practices (for recovery and hydration). During this 3 hours, you cannot have any active training session, but you can do a classroom meeting (no walk throughs).  3) a scrimmage can be held at any time. There are no minimum number of practices required. 4) a school must complete 10 practices before their first game.
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