• A winter sport, Indoor Track participants in grades 9 – 12 compete statewide.

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    Indoor Track Championship update Indoor Track Championship Information Sheet (updated 1/4/2016)

    Hello 2015-2016 Indoor Track Coaches.

    The Indoor Season is just around the corner, and the Vermont Indoor Track Association is gearing up for a great season.  We have a lot of information and updates to share below.  Please be sure to read them entirely and thoroughly.


    1.     The Vermont Indoor Track Association website has been updated for the 2016 season.

    a.     2016 Fees

    b.     2016 Schedule

                                                   i.     All Entries will be done via Athletic.net, same as last year.

                                                 ii.     Meets will be added to Athletic.net by December 1st

    2.     Please submit your VITA FEES and PROOF OF INSURANCE as soon as possible!

    a.     All checks for the season should be made out to "VERMONT INDOOR TRACK ASSOCIATION"

    b.     VITA fees = $150 per school (not team)

    c.     Proof of Insurance must list both UVM & Norwich University

                                                   i.     University of Vermont: 147 Spear Street, Burlington VT 05401

                                                 ii.     Norwich University:  158 Harmon Drive, Northfield VT 05663 

    d.     Please mail the Fees + Insurance to:

                                                   i.     Geoff Bennett
South Burlington High School
550 Dorset Street
South Burlington, VT  05403

    3.     2016 SCHEDULE

    a.     Please pay close attention to the Entry Limits / Events posted on the 2016 Schedule.

    b.     Limits / Events do change during the season due to Venue and Available Time.


    a.     Cleanliness

                                                   i.     ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD  / DRINK / OUTSIDE SHOES are allowed on the track level!

                                                 ii.     We must be SUPER VIGILANT in supporting and enforcing this.  Otherwise, we risk losing this facility.

    b.     Schedule / End Time

                                                   i.     We have a HARD END TIME at all Norwich Meets (besides the State Championship).

                                                 ii.     All athletes / spectators must clear the facility by NOON and the parking lot immediately after.

                                                iii.     The facility must be clean and well maintained.

    5.     WEIGHT THROW

    a.     Will be contested at UVM Meets.

    b.     Will NOT be contested at Norwich Meets.

    c.     WILL be scored in the State Championship

                                                   i.     competed the Week Before (1/23) at St. Johnsbury following the Norwich #2 Meet.

    6.     St. Johnsbury is hosting a WEIGHT THROW CLINIC on Saturday, November 28 from 9a-11a.

    a.     Please see the attached flyer.

    b.     Please email Coach Chip Langmaid for more information.

    7.     FAT Timing!

    a.     We will be using FAT Timing at all meets this season!

                                                   i.     (with the exception of the 300m @ UVM)

    b.     Athletes MUST check-in by 2nd call or they will be scratched from the event.

                                                   i.     This starts at our 1st meet on December 12 and will continue all season.

    c.     Athletes will have an ID Bib to wear on the front of their jersey at All Regular Season Meets, for All Events.

                                                   i.     We believe this will speed up the check-in process for us this season, as we should be able to forgo Hip Numbers in some events while still providing an accurate and quality timing service.

    d.     VITA will provide safety pins at the beginning of the season, but not for the entire season.

                                                   i.     Please have your athletes "save" their safety pins by clipping them to their spike bag / travel gear, etc.

    8.     Community Service Hours

    a.     If you have any athletes who are injured / unable to compete, and are looking for "Community Service Hours", VITA will be happy to sign off on hours for raking the LJ Pit and setting up HJ & PV Crossbars.

    b.     Please contact me directly if you have athletes who are interested in doing this.

    c.     Volunteer Openings / Assignments can be found on the VITA Officials tab on our website.

    9.     We anticipate more questions may arise as the season begins, so please send them our way.  In the meantime, good luck this season!

    Geoff Bennett

    Vermont Indoor Track Association


        At its meeting on 11/25/13, the In-Door Track Committee voted to establish a D1 and D2 championship at the state meet in February. This was done due to increasing numbers. Listed below you will find a list showing how the schools were placed. Note – some schools that have club teams were still placed in a division even though their athletes compete as Independents.

    The committee also agreed to establish a new event, the weight throw, for selected regular season meets this year. This event will not be a part of the state championships for this year.

    Division 1 B&G – Burlington, Essex, Mt. Anthony, Mt. Mansfield, Rutland, South Burlington, St. Johnsbury. Also club teams from BFA-St. Albans, Brattleboro, Colchester, CVU and North Country.

    Division 2 – all other schools and Independents from club teams.


    Committee Meeting Minutes Indoor Track Minutes 1/20/17



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