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Jennifer Abrams, October 26, 2017

Having Hard Conversations with Jennifer Abrams

Date: Thursday, October 26th, 9 to 3:30

Location: Killington Mountain Lodge, Killington, Vermont

As administrators, coaches or colleagues, we often come up against situations where difficult topics must be addressed. What do we know about the best strategies for those moments? What questions should we be asking ourselves before we speak, and what environments are best for when we do speak? Based on Jennifer’s book, Having Hard Conversations, and her work with conflict and interpersonal communication, this session will provide participants with action plans and scripting tools for having those necessary hard conversations.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify why they hesitate having hard conversations
  • Choose questions to ask themselves before they choose to speak up
  • Articulate in professional language the challenges they are facing
  • Determine the goals of the conversation and write an action plan of support
  • Script the conversation avoiding trigger words that put others on the defensive
  • Choose the best ‘wheres’ and ‘whens’ for a productive discussion

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Registration information:

To register, or for more information, contact Mallori LaPointe at the VPA (802) 229-0547

Fee: VPA member $199.00, non-member: $219.00 (includes breakfast, lunch, snack and Jennifer's book, Having Hard Conversations).

A full refund is available IF you cancel at least ten days prior to the event. Thank you.